almost is never enough

assuming without any assurance.. boo! i guess this is what God planned for me, for us, idk let go and let God.

Dear Shell sea (okay),

i know this is too early but i think i fell for ya! i hate you for giving me that banana yesterday, for saying “hi” whenever we see each other so on and so forth, you’ll never gonna read this (i know) because this is a secret blog LOL haha but yeah.. i think i fell for ya, and i hate myself for getting attached this early. thank you for the memories (baka meron haha) even though they weren’t so great, i enjoyed it. kahit na parang ako na yung lumalabas na naghahabol sayo, kahit pangit yon para sa side ko wala eh i did it for you.. and kahit na madami nagsasabi na mas okay tayo kesa kayo, if u know what i mean (charot) iba naman kasi yung ikaw sakanila diba. well i guess we’re not meant to be together anyway, masyado lang ako na attach siguro.. oh well papel life goes on

and we can deny it as much as we want but in times our feelings will show, cause sooner or later we’ll wonder why we gave up the truth is everyone knows… almost, almost is never enough, so close to being in love if i would have known that you wanted me the way i wanted you, then maybe we wouldn’t be two worlds apart but right here in each others arms, yeah we almost we almost knew what love was.. but almost is never enough


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