falling from cloud 9

Meeting someone and trusting them that much wasn’t that good after all… met someone in the previous months and I’m regretting the moment that I met him. If I can just turn back everything and rewind time. GUYS, being paasa doesn’t make you cool! Sending us those sweet text messages, checking us out… UGH! If you don’t have a plan taking us seriously, just don’t okay? Stay away. Because it’s not that easy for us girls being treated like an option.

I admit, those months that we’ve talked, I fell for him but not that hard. It’s just that, I find it sad.. I feel so alone and parang pinaasa lang niya ako, ako naman umasa agad. Yep! I can say that I’m falling from cloud 9 because after all that sweet convo’s we’ve made (lol) that jerk just left me, hanging. Dayumm eh?